Elephant Theme Kids Water Bottle (500ml)


Elephant Theme Kids Water Bottle (500ml)

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Material: PP, PC, silicone
Structure: Single layer
Shape: round
Size: about 8*22.5cm
Function: Portable, sealed and leak-proof
Capacity: 580ml

The appearance of this product is simple and delicate, the cup body pattern is clear and not easy to fade, the material is safe and non-toxic, strong and durable, very suitable for daily use~

The shape of the antlers is unique and beautiful, and the strap design is convenient to use~

Suitable for all kinds of juices, beverages, hot and cold drinks, coffee, milk, water, etc.

Very suitable as a gift for relatives and friends~

Applicable to a variety of scenarios, such as home, office, leisure, campus, outdoor, shopping, hiking, cycling, etc.

Note: When using this product to contain high-temperature liquids, please pay attention to safety and beware of burns. Do not hold liquid with too high temperature (not higher than 60?)

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