Hot Water Bottle - Bear Grey


Hot Water Bottle - Bear Grey

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Soothe your soul after a long day with the Portable Hot Water Bottle, featuring adorable animal designs and removable fleece cover. Easy to refill and available in different sizes, it warms the heart from within. Plus its handy sizes make it extra portable and come with a removable fleece cover!

Ideal for the office or outdoors, our Hot Water Bottle is a practical and unique solution to keeping you warm.

Capacity: 900 - 1000ml
Size: 31 x 20

WARNING: Hot water bottles may cause burns, avoid direct contact with rubber surface and skin. When filling hot water bottles, do not use boiling water and only fill up to two-thirds capacity. Before use, please test with cold water to test for water leakage before normal use.

A gift they will never expect:

With a convenient size and easy to fill capacity, it's the perfect hot water bottle for those early mornings or late nights. Also makes a great gift!

- Soothe, relieve pain & alleviate stress
- High-quality plush & thermal rubber material
- Reusable, portable & effective
- Removable and cosy plush cover

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